Sully Moreno

Founder of Culture Shift Consulting

I am a multilingual community engagement and communications professional dedicated to centering the perspectives of Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) in everything I do. My life’s purpose is to use any power or influence I wield to shift traditional power structures and undo white dominant culture.

I immigrated to the United States from Panama over ten years ago to study communications at Florida State University. My first job brought me to Seattle to work in the tech industry, and I fell in love with the Pacific Northwest. Later, I pivoted into social issues communication, working on issues ranging from climate change to accessible transportation to housing justice. These experiences have taught me that whether we’re selling a product or addressing inequities in our systems, culture matters. Success comes from listening to the people we are serving.

Desk Cropped

I started Culture Shift Consulting because organizations want to do right by the communities they serve, and I want to provide the support they need to work in full partnership with the community. I know a more just and equitable world is possible, and I want to do my part to usher it in.

Let’s work together to make it happen!