What is a culture shift?

Many organizations are eager to create programs and campaigns that follow the principles of racial equity, diversity, and inclusion. Centering these values certainly leads to strategies that are more culturally relevant, effective, and successful.

It’s simple to understand, but not so simple to execute. Oftentimes, creating a program that is accessible to and resonates with communities impacted by systemic oppression requires changing the way we do our work. We must be ready to approach the process with an open mind and a willingness to follow the lead of the people most impacted by the issue we are working on.

That is a culture shift.

When we work in full partnership with community members, we can unlock incredible solutions to issues from healthcare access to environmental health to economic empowerment. In short, we can change the world. So, are you ready for a culture shift?


Community-centric program development

To create accessible, equitable programs, organizations must work in partnership with the community members they serve. I build community relationships and co-create strategies that both serve the community’s needs and achieve the organization’s goals.

Community-centric program management

Creating a program is only the beginning. Sustaining it and ensuring that it continues to equitably serve the community takes long-term commitment to community relationships. I help organizations manage the intentional planning and deep collaboration required to keep community members engaged and invested for continuous program results.

Community-centric communications strategy

The best way to create culturally relevant communication strategies is to work in partnership with the intended audience. I develop processes to gather community perspectives and create communications strategies based on these insights.

Culture shifts don’t happen overnight – culture shifts are a journey that leads us to examine how we collaborate, who holds power, who makes decisions. Throughout our journey together, I will provide guidance on how organizations can shift their culture internally to ultimately achieve the results they seek in serving the community.

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