Connect and collaborate with community.

Powerful Partnership

With culturally relevant program strategies and an approachable, down-to-earth style, Culture Shift Consulting is a catalyst for establishing long-lasting, positive relationships with community members and community-based organizations.

Nonprofit consultant Sully Moreno leaning on a colorful mural wall

Understanding the Culture Shift

Organizations that center on values of racial equity, diversity, and inclusion are better able to meet the needs of the community. Culture shifts examine what motivates us, how we collaborate, and who holds the power.

Culture Shift Consulting guides organizations during their evolution towards a cultural shift that results in communities being better served, wholly engaged, and fully supported.

“One thing I like about working with Sully is her commitment to the community and how she centers them in the design and implementation of her work.”

-Lauren Cole, Environmental Programs Managing Supervisor at the King County Solid Waste Division

Culture Shift Consulting gets the conversation started.

Culture Shift Consulting knows how to bring people together to foster conversations , co-create solutions, ask questions, and speak up about what matters most to them.