Community-Centered Consulting Services

Culture Shift Consulting provides the strategy, guidance, and experience to establish connections, strengthen relationships, and build community partnerships.

Through a participatory framework based on facilitated activities, shared spaces, and inclusive communication, Culture Shift Consulting empowers you, your organization, and community members.

Strategic Planning and Programs

From creation to implementation, from problem-solving to program building, Culture Shift Consulting meets you where you’re at. As your partner and guide, Culture Shift Consulting develops programs and solutions that directly speak to your organization’s needs, while centering on DEI values. Through an artful balance of flexibility with structure, Culture Shift Consulting creates actionable plans that yield tangible results.

Community Engagement

Through intentional planning and deep collaboration, Culture Shift Consulting creates effective community engagement strategies and DEI efforts  that deliver continuous results. Our sustainably designed approaches foster long-term commitment and successful community relationships.


The best way to create culturally relevant, community-centered communication strategies is to work in partnership with the intended audience. Culture Shift Consulting develops processes to gather community perspectives and create tailored communications strategies based on these insights

Culture Shift Consulting gets the conversation started.

Culture Shift Consulting knows how to bring people together to foster conversations , co-create solutions, ask questions, and speak up about what matters most to them.